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Product Review // Abebi Cattleya Body Butter, the skin game changer

Hey Fam i haven’t been consistent with posting here i know! i do not have any excuse because excuses are like procrastination that steals time, i promise to do better. Ok today i will be talking about this one product that has taken my skin glow game to A-level without having to lighten me, you love to read this right? yeah let’s dig in!

Few months ago, i made a post  about a few lifestyle changes that helped reduce my struggle with acne here and promise to do another post on the products i used, well here is one of them. I remember swearing never to use this body butter again, read here . That is because  i had no idea what fate had in stock for me lol.  Late last year the break out on my face was beginning to affect my self-estimate as it refused to improve after trying lots of skin care products that promised to do wonders yet nothing to show for it roll eyes. Then one day i saw a can of this butter sitting pretty in my drawer where i kept it only because a friend of mine whom i offered the butter refused to accept it. Unconsciously i took a pea size  and rubbed all over my face, that was the beginning of my journey with this butter.

Product Claim:

  •  Clear, smooth and gives an even toned skin
  • Locks in moisture all day
  • Rejuvenates and repairs skin giving an even brighter overall complexion
  • Lightens dark patches and blemishes
  • Fades stretch marks overtime.

Product Price:

A can of the body butter is N5,000 for 250g



All ingredients are organic.


My Experience

When i initially started using this skin food, truth be told i felt i have wasted my money, that is because i prefer my body products in lotion not in oil or butter. Also i couldn’t stand the smell of the Shea butter used as a base for this particular product so i decided to mix it with my body lotion as at that time before applying on my skin. Over time i started getting used to the butter but i had a little issue with my method of application because i had started noticing changes after a month of use but i couldn’t tell which product was doing the job not until the lotion i had got finished and i refused to restock. Gradually Cattleya body butter has become my go-to butter and i bet you i have never regretted ever investing in this product.

My Verdict:

  • I have the most sensitive skin on earth because i react to everything but this butter proved me otherwise, i never reacted negatively to it not even for a day! so yes i love it for this !!!
  • It gives an even skin tone with continuous use. For those with uneven skin tone, darker knee, knuckles and armpit this butter is for you.
  • It gives the glow effect.
  • It leaves the skin moisturized all day long. For those with wrinkled skin, give this a trial.
  • It helps with acne and rashes. Hubby started using this butter on his face and all bumps/rashes disappeared.
  • It lightens the skin when used for a long period of time.
  • It is made of organic oil and butter,so it’s safe for the skin.
  • It’s light weight and doesn’t sit on my skin which i also love.
  • It lasts 2-3 months depending on usage which is a win-win for me when compared to the price.
I have used mine for 10 weeks and still have this much left.
  • As little as a pea size goes a long way, see picture below.


Asked if i will re-stock this product, the answer is yes because i have found my holy grail, Wink.


Have you tried any product from this brand? what was your experience like? will you love to also give them a trial? please leave me your thoughts in the comment section.

Struggling with Acne, Journey to clearer skin, Part 1


I have come to realize in life that what works for Mr A might have a zero effect of working for Mr B, it also doesn’t mean it won’t work for Mr C. I came to this conclusion during my struggle trying to  clear hormonal acne. I struggled with acne for 7 years and being the type who doesn’t like make up, it became a problem for me, it gave me inferiority complex not because i wasn’t pretty enough but only because i went from one pretty chocolate skinned girl to madam oyigbo (very light skinned person) with black acne scare all over my face. I became self conscious wherever i go because i knew that the first point of attraction was definitely the acne scar all over my face and those yet to heal. Some people try as much as they can to hide their reactions but hey i already know so i try as much as possible not to let it bother me but it did affect my self esteem? Yes it did because my self esteem gradually  went down the drain without my knowledge.

I discovered the major cause was because i had PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), this is story for another day lol but did i give up with trying to clear these horrible acne? No i didn’t. So i started reading how to deal with this type of acne since PCOS can not be treated but rather managed besides who wants to live their life with fat bumps all over their faces? not me please! i was hell bent on getting my face cleared that i started researching and found out that i needed a diet change, So i changed a few things like the following.

Sugar: Sugar has a way of increasing body insulin thereby causing insulin spikes which increase the production of skin oils and contribute to the clogging of follicles, which can worsen skin complexion and cause the skin to break out but then am not a biologist so i doubt if i can explain the whole principle behind this but in all, fizzy drinks this includes our popular beverages like milo and milk oh, raw  sugar and food with high glycemic index (meaning foods that, once ingested, convert quickly into glucose) Example are rice, garri (cassava flour swallow) were a few things i removed from my diet and truth be told, i have said bye bye to wrinkled skin. These worked for me probably because i had PCOS as explained before.

Oily food: Like i said before am not a medical doctor or a biologist but truth is i had to let peanuts (groundnut) go because i really can’t tell if it’s a myth or my  mind set but for every time i take  lots of peanuts, i end up breaking out like crazy and for every time i eat any food with lots of oil, i break out too so i gave oily food a break to see how my body system will take it and like i said, i feel a lot better. Please bear in mind that everyone’s body reacts differently to different foods. If you’re breaking out there’s no need to immediately cut out completely what you think could be the cause, rather monitor your body and see how it reacts to these things. But, if you notice pimples cropping up when your diet is particularly dairy-heavy, try cutting back to see what happens. You may have slight allergies to certain foods that are causing your body to react internally. Or, opt for organic dairy and meat options, which have significantly less hormones.

Nov 2017

Face Towel: I got introduced to using face towels early this year when it became obvious that every products used on my face weren’t helping me in anyway, so when a friend of mine suggested i give it a trial, without thinking twice i bought a small face towel on my way from work that day, went straight to YouTube to be double sure what other people with same acne problem has to say about using towel on my face.  after much research, i decided to give it a trial and i can swear by it, i miraculously received the type of  APC change we are experiencing today in my country Nigeria lol. Maybe because  it helped to unclog my pores, take out even the tiniest bit of dirt on my face as well as help in circulation of blood.  At first i didn’t notice any changes until few months later when it occurred to me that i wasn’t breaking out as i used to so i started monitoring my face i truth be told, there has been tremendous changes with my face since i added face towel to my skin routine.  So for those with acne and sensitive skin, you can try this and see how it works for you instead of using your fingers alone to wash your face like i used to do. Also washing my face at night whether i had make up or not especially those days am too tired to have an entire bath helped.

Nov 2017

Water: Like they say, water has no enemy, so in my quest for a clearer skin, acne free face i started taking lots and lots of water without minding if i was dehydrated or not. I became a fish that my friends will ask me what it is with me and water but truth is i had a goal so i wasn’t bothered besides water is free so why worry. Was there result? yes! my skin is clearer and my face is a lot better thou the scares are healing gradually.

Acne is not something to deal with because it’s one problem that you can never tell what will work except you try and if asked if i spent money trying to recover my face from the claws of acne, i will say yes i did and am happy my face is better and resting from all the experiment it went through. In my next post i will be telling you the products i used and is still using that has helped me clear the scares as while as keep my face free from acne.


Most Recent Picture without any form of filter

Have you ever had to struggle with acne before? what did you do to clear them. please leave your comments below i will love to know.




DIY// Simple Activated Charcoal Face Mask

Hey Guys! Happy New Month.

How is everyone doing? hope we are all staying positive! Ok today’s post will be all about  the activated charcoal face mask.

Yes you heard right! i have used this mask for a while now and decided to share it here.
You know the saying that if you aren’t using activated charcoal yet, you are not a cool kid 😂  it is believed that only cool kids use  trending things, if i hear!!! 😎

I decided to try the activated charcoal because of the many benefits i read about it and how you can even ingest it. I also saw a lot of posts on IG regarding it especially the peel – off  but because i have a very sensitive skin, sweetheart i just respected myself and stayed on my lane by choosing the raw organic charcoal over the peel-off. so lets dig in.

All you need are just two basic ingredients or three if you chose.

1) Activated Charcoal
2) Raw Natural Honey
3) Lemon Oil (Optional)

I got the activated charcoal  for N1,300 from Eco Essence on Konga here 

For the honey, hubby bought it so i can not say where he got it from but i guess he probably got it from a local store around our vicinity.

I also got this lemon oil for from Konga for N2,500 but sorry i couldn’t find the link, guess it’s sold out.


Using a table spoon, put just one spoonful of honey in a little bowl,  1/2 table spoon of the activated charcoal and 2-3 drops of lemon oil. Mix all together to get a paste and Viola! you are good to go 🙌

This is the final result of the what the face mask which i wash off after 20-30 minutes looks like. I love this honey mix because the honey helps keep my face moisturized and it tends to lighten the charcoal from the usual blackness that comes with it. Also with the honey, the mask tend not to leave behind any black stains unlike when it’s just a quick charcoal and water mix.  It also does not clog my pores unlike the other water mix mask which leaves my face with so many rashes once i do not wash it off after 10 mins of application.

The picture below is the result i get whenever it’s just activated charcoal mixed with water.  This mix takes longer to wash off because it leaves a black residual which i usually wash of with bicarbonate (Baking Soda) .

PS: The Eco Essence activated charcoal is VERY VERY GRAINY so if not properly handled during application on the face, you may end up hurting your face. For me, i like it because it also serve as an exfoliating agent so it’s a win – win.
Asked if i will be re-purchasing this brand of activated charcoal, my answer will be MAYBE.
I think i will prefer to go for the food grade charcoal here
Have you tried the activated charcoal mask? What do think of it, what difference did it make in your skin?



Health and Beauty – Tips to Rejuvenate Dry and Dull Skin

Hey guys! Welcome to another new month!!!
4th Feb was my birthday, i know i gave a clue that February was my birth month Here thou i didn’t actually specify what date it was, sorry my bad. Thank you to everyone who sent in their messages, those who called on that day, am so grateful, thanks you guys made my day.
Alright lets get to to today’s topic which we will revolve around rejuvenating dry and dull skin into that glow skin that you desire. Abeg if you know you don’t want a beautiful skin please raise your hand 🙋 (looks left and right, ok nobody, so lets continue)
Dry and dull skin is one thing nobody wants to deal with, yes i know because am one of those that used to have this terrible dry and wrinkled skin 😒. Yes i used the word “used to” because my skin is a work in progress so it’s a lot better than what it used to be. Its not yet perfect or flawless but BETTER!!!
I will be sharing the few tips the few tips that has helped me care for my skin below.
Drinking Water: I think a lot of people don’t like drinking water and when asked, they give one reason or the other why they do not like water. Maybe it’s because water is tasteless but girlfriend most celebrities with glow flawless skin will always tell you that the secret to their wonderful skin is water!  so if you want that flawless-slay skin, drink water!!!! If you do not like drinking plain water, infuse yours with fruits like lemon, cucumber and other fruits if your choice. Am a living witness to the many benefits of water therapy because the moment i discovered this secret and made it a habit of drinking 5-6 litters a day, my skin has never looked clearer. The wrinkles has gradually began to fade and i can tell you that my skin is a lot brighter than what it used to be 😆
Exfoliate: This is one ritual most beauty experts will recommend. Exfoliating helps renew the skin by removing dead skin layers. Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking soda ) is my to-go exfoliating agent anytime, any-day. I have used it for years and i love it because my skin love it. It has worked well for me. It helps remove dead cells, balances PH level of the skin and leaves it smooth and shiny. My advice is that you go for what ever scrub that works for you.
Use a Moisturizer: Using moisturizers helps improve the skin elasticity. I have come to realize that i can’t live without one!
Moisturizers are known to help re-hydrate the skin, replenish dry skin areas, soften the roughest skin part, keep wrinkles at bay and above all brighten your skin. for that shiny glow skin, try incorporating this into your skin routine and thank me later *wink*
Skip the long hot water bath: I know that feeling you get when you soak in a hot bath after a long day’s job. Ahhhh!!!!!!! 😥😥 hot bath helps ease the body pain and make your feel good right? but sweetie if you want to slay that skin of yours, please! and please! leave hot water alone biko! in fact run as much as your legs can carry you else dull and wrinkled skin will catch up with you, don’t say i didn’t tell you oh! Lol.
Eat Healthy: Have you heard of the slang “Abs are made in the kitchen” this slang are mostly used by those who are into healthy lifestyle and i love it. So for me, glow/flawless skin are achieved from not just the products you put on them but from what you feed it from the inside. You do not need to break your bank account to eat healthy because eating healthy can be as simple as just taking veggies and fruits that are in season, making smoothies or simple salad out them. These fruits gives the skin the necessary vitamins that are needed by our body. Eat lots of fruits with high content of Vitamin C and watch your skin come alive. For those who knows me or follow me on IG, you can testify that my love for green smoothies which has Cucumber, Avocado and Water melon knows no bound. i love these fruits like kilode. Veggies like Celery, Parsley, Ugu (pumpkin leave), and spinach has always been known to help clear the skin so i always choose to incorporate them in my smoothies 😆
These are the few tips that has helped me with my skin. What skin care routine has worked for? is there any listed above that you could try or swap with yours? i will love to hear from you so leave me a comment below.
Francis Addy

Protective Style: Corkscrew Threading

Hey Guy! So sorry i havent been regular lately but girl am so excited!! whoop! whoop!! whoop!!!
So i went to the market the other day and bumped into this beautiful lady, guess what caught my attention! her hairrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! Omg!!! Her hairstyle was something we see mostly among school children. But for a young pretty girl at that to make this type of hair, Mehnnn i just knew i was definitely going to give it a trial.
Lets say i have been natural for the past 2year and i know most people in the natural hair community uses the African threading as a means of stretching their hair to avoid the use of heat which can cause hair damage. But when i saw this lady’s hair i knew that will be my next hair style. My only challenge was that i didnt know the name of the hair 😆  but trust me and goggle (my best friend) i searched via African threading pictures until i found sample of what i was looking for! Yes!!!!! “Oya dab” 💃💃 i used 5 packs of Brazilian wool which is sold at #250 per pack to make mine.

Its called Corkscrew! Abeg this one na English name oh because i remember say back then as a child we (the igbos ) call it some gaps!!! Lol which is also pronounced as sungas (at least thats what i call it back then) 😂😂😂
Asked if i love my hair, hell yes!!!! 💃💃💃  i also got so many compliments even from strangers that’s when i knew i nailed it. Will i try this hair style again? Yes!!!!!  see pictures and tell me what you think.
Some random pictures i took at the office below.
What do you think of my hairstyle? Do you love it enough to give this hairstyle a trial? Let me know below.
Francis Addy