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Pocket-Friendly Fruits, How Safe are they?

It was  late that evening when i walked into my house and headed straight for my room humming my favorite song “made a way by Travis Green”  because it has been a very stressful day at work with lots of meetings and tons of work on my table unattended to. Came in with high hopes of making a proper dinner, taking a warm bath and hitting my bed but trust nature not to sometimes concord with us. Got into the house, everywhere was in darkness while the other neighboring apartments had lights in them, wondering what was wrong, i saw hubby lying on the bed and whining from pain, that was when it occurred to me that i didn’t hear my kid sister who has been staying with us for a while send her usual welcome greetings from her room. With so much fear, i quickly ran to hubby to find out what the problem was and he was only able to utter the word “stomach pain” then the many question of what did you eat, where did you eat it from and how long ago has it been started. Something wasn’t just right because my kid sister wasn’t talking either because she was also having same experience, it turned out that they have also been having running stomach all day so both of them refused to eat anything else for fear of increasing the painful experience they were both going through. The big question became what could have caused this whole stomach upset saga? Long story short, After both were properly examined by a doctor, it turned out they were both suffering from food poisoning. That was when it done on me that we all had smoothie that morning which had pocket friendly water melon in it before leaving the house to our various offices.


Growing up my mum will kill you if you ever  buy pocket friendly fruits. This is because she believes it isn’t safe for us to consume them, then the question will be what are pocket friendly fruits? These are the regular street fruits which are sliced, tied up in transparent bags and are displaced by most fruit dealers at roadsides especially busy areas or bus stops and sold at affordable prices for those who can’t afford to buy them whole. These type of fruits are rampantly sold by Mallams (Hausa sellers) in Nigeria. Like i keep asking after my experience, How safe is it to buy and consume these type of fruits?

My Observations

  • Most sellers are not concerned  about the buyer’s health, that is why they cut it open most times and while tying them up, they carelessly let flies perch on them without minding.
  • Most sellers will cut open these fruits,tie them and display them on the stand for hours without minding that the micro organisms or composition of some of these fruits does not require that much exposure to sun and other elements.
  • Some of these sellers especially the aboki (Hausa sellers) ones will use same knives used for the fruits to scratch any part of their body once they feel the need to especially their back areas and possibly use the knife to cut open another fruit when required without thinking twice (proper hygiene are not observed).
  • Most are already bad, half or over ripe but because most sellers are only kin on making money, they slice open these fruits,displace and sell off to customers by the way they won’t be eating it right there.


  • They are very affordable but like the saying goes, cheap things dey purge belle.


  • Buy whole fruits they are a lot healthier and safer than these other type of fruits no matter how we see it.

Many people will ask why was i not affected being that i had same smoothie with them, that is one question i can never answer but my question still remains, How healthy are these type of fruits?

Have you had any bad experience from eating these type of fruits? what were your experience? is it advisable to buy them? what are your opinion about consuming these type of fruits, please share below.



Health and Beauty – Tips to Rejuvenate Dry and Dull Skin

Hey guys! Welcome to another new month!!!
4th Feb was my birthday, i know i gave a clue that February was my birth month Here thou i didn’t actually specify what date it was, sorry my bad. Thank you to everyone who sent in their messages, those who called on that day, am so grateful, thanks you guys made my day.
Alright lets get to to today’s topic which we will revolve around rejuvenating dry and dull skin into that glow skin that you desire. Abeg if you know you don’t want a beautiful skin please raise your hand 🙋 (looks left and right, ok nobody, so lets continue)
Dry and dull skin is one thing nobody wants to deal with, yes i know because am one of those that used to have this terrible dry and wrinkled skin 😒. Yes i used the word “used to” because my skin is a work in progress so it’s a lot better than what it used to be. Its not yet perfect or flawless but BETTER!!!
I will be sharing the few tips the few tips that has helped me care for my skin below.
Drinking Water: I think a lot of people don’t like drinking water and when asked, they give one reason or the other why they do not like water. Maybe it’s because water is tasteless but girlfriend most celebrities with glow flawless skin will always tell you that the secret to their wonderful skin is water!  so if you want that flawless-slay skin, drink water!!!! If you do not like drinking plain water, infuse yours with fruits like lemon, cucumber and other fruits if your choice. Am a living witness to the many benefits of water therapy because the moment i discovered this secret and made it a habit of drinking 5-6 litters a day, my skin has never looked clearer. The wrinkles has gradually began to fade and i can tell you that my skin is a lot brighter than what it used to be 😆
Exfoliate: This is one ritual most beauty experts will recommend. Exfoliating helps renew the skin by removing dead skin layers. Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking soda ) is my to-go exfoliating agent anytime, any-day. I have used it for years and i love it because my skin love it. It has worked well for me. It helps remove dead cells, balances PH level of the skin and leaves it smooth and shiny. My advice is that you go for what ever scrub that works for you.
Use a Moisturizer: Using moisturizers helps improve the skin elasticity. I have come to realize that i can’t live without one!
Moisturizers are known to help re-hydrate the skin, replenish dry skin areas, soften the roughest skin part, keep wrinkles at bay and above all brighten your skin. for that shiny glow skin, try incorporating this into your skin routine and thank me later *wink*
Skip the long hot water bath: I know that feeling you get when you soak in a hot bath after a long day’s job. Ahhhh!!!!!!! 😥😥 hot bath helps ease the body pain and make your feel good right? but sweetie if you want to slay that skin of yours, please! and please! leave hot water alone biko! in fact run as much as your legs can carry you else dull and wrinkled skin will catch up with you, don’t say i didn’t tell you oh! Lol.
Eat Healthy: Have you heard of the slang “Abs are made in the kitchen” this slang are mostly used by those who are into healthy lifestyle and i love it. So for me, glow/flawless skin are achieved from not just the products you put on them but from what you feed it from the inside. You do not need to break your bank account to eat healthy because eating healthy can be as simple as just taking veggies and fruits that are in season, making smoothies or simple salad out them. These fruits gives the skin the necessary vitamins that are needed by our body. Eat lots of fruits with high content of Vitamin C and watch your skin come alive. For those who knows me or follow me on IG, you can testify that my love for green smoothies which has Cucumber, Avocado and Water melon knows no bound. i love these fruits like kilode. Veggies like Celery, Parsley, Ugu (pumpkin leave), and spinach has always been known to help clear the skin so i always choose to incorporate them in my smoothies 😆
These are the few tips that has helped me with my skin. What skin care routine has worked for? is there any listed above that you could try or swap with yours? i will love to hear from you so leave me a comment below.
Francis Addy