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Pocket-Friendly Fruits, How Safe are they?

It was  late that evening when i walked into my house and headed straight for my room humming my favorite song “made a way by Travis Green”  because it has been a very stressful day at work with lots of meetings and tons of work on my table unattended to. Came in with high hopes of making a proper dinner, taking a warm bath and hitting my bed but trust nature not to sometimes concord with us. Got into the house, everywhere was in darkness while the other neighboring apartments had lights in them, wondering what was wrong, i saw hubby lying on the bed and whining from pain, that was when it occurred to me that i didn’t hear my kid sister who has been staying with us for a while send her usual welcome greetings from her room. With so much fear, i quickly ran to hubby to find out what the problem was and he was only able to utter the word “stomach pain” then the many question of what did you eat, where did you eat it from and how long ago has it been started. Something wasn’t just right because my kid sister wasn’t talking either because she was also having same experience, it turned out that they have also been having running stomach all day so both of them refused to eat anything else for fear of increasing the painful experience they were both going through. The big question became what could have caused this whole stomach upset saga? Long story short, After both were properly examined by a doctor, it turned out they were both suffering from food poisoning. That was when it done on me that we all had smoothie that morning which had pocket friendly water melon in it before leaving the house to our various offices.


Growing up my mum will kill you if you ever  buy pocket friendly fruits. This is because she believes it isn’t safe for us to consume them, then the question will be what are pocket friendly fruits? These are the regular street fruits which are sliced, tied up in transparent bags and are displaced by most fruit dealers at roadsides especially busy areas or bus stops and sold at affordable prices for those who can’t afford to buy them whole. These type of fruits are rampantly sold by Mallams (Hausa sellers) in Nigeria. Like i keep asking after my experience, How safe is it to buy and consume these type of fruits?

My Observations

  • Most sellers are not concerned  about the buyer’s health, that is why they cut it open most times and while tying them up, they carelessly let flies perch on them without minding.
  • Most sellers will cut open these fruits,tie them and display them on the stand for hours without minding that the micro organisms or composition of some of these fruits does not require that much exposure to sun and other elements.
  • Some of these sellers especially the aboki (Hausa sellers) ones will use same knives used for the fruits to scratch any part of their body once they feel the need to especially their back areas and possibly use the knife to cut open another fruit when required without thinking twice (proper hygiene are not observed).
  • Most are already bad, half or over ripe but because most sellers are only kin on making money, they slice open these fruits,displace and sell off to customers by the way they won’t be eating it right there.


  • They are very affordable but like the saying goes, cheap things dey purge belle.


  • Buy whole fruits they are a lot healthier and safer than these other type of fruits no matter how we see it.

Many people will ask why was i not affected being that i had same smoothie with them, that is one question i can never answer but my question still remains, How healthy are these type of fruits?

Have you had any bad experience from eating these type of fruits? what were your experience? is it advisable to buy them? what are your opinion about consuming these type of fruits, please share below.



Shopping Experience X Bad Customer Service

I was on my own jejely in one of the check-out queue in a supermarket when I overheard this conversation between a customer and one of the cash attendant at the other queue.

Customer: So why didn’t you tell me in the first place!

Attendant: #withafunnylookonherface# ehh oga this is what is in my system (PC), I cannot change it or charge you less

Customer: I don’t understand you, that I saw N4,400 on the price tag and you charged me N4,500 why? without  considering telling me! and to worsen the case you even went as far as tearing off the price tag from the product without asking me first if the new price was ok with me!! Why are you people like this haba!

Attendant: Oga I have told you, the price tag is wrong, and what I saw on the system is N4,500!

Truth is while standing there listening to these conversation between the customer and the attendant, i was already processing inside my head what kind of response to give to this girl who thinks money grow on the trees and customers just stroll in, pluck them off the trees without any stress, that’s why she had the guts to remove the original price tag from an item, charge the client WITHOUT telling him!!! Hiah!!! who does that!!

I know what they were arguing about was just N100 and any one could as well just ignore it but then, i wasn’t happy with the way and manner in which the girl was handling the situation, she had on a terrible attitude and a bad tone, as in! i just couldn’t deal with that if i were to be in that man’s shoe! as if being polite and explaining to the customer that it was an error from them which will not repeat itself again will change her name or was a taboo.

I was boiling inside like hot yam but then what can i do? i couldn’t tell the cashier that her tone and body language was wrong because it’s rude and a bad habit to intrude into other people’s conversation and the worst is that they might even end up asking me who invited me into the discussion or if my name was written anywhere on that product lol. Then it occurred to me that we all have at one point or the other dealt with bad customer service in our day to day activities.

This reminded me of the day i bought Sharwama from a popular eatery sometime ago and my balance was meant to be N300, the waiter came to me and said “madam collect water from the fridge, i no get N100 to give you, na only N200 dey my hand” at first i was shocked at his audacity, then my brain did a reset on its own, lol.

That was when it dawned on me that this guy was serious to have walked up to me without an apology to ask me to take water from the refrigerator just because he does not have my complete balance. I swear i went berserk with anger like i should collect water right? who told him i was thirty in the first place? How did he know i didn’t have anything else planned out to do with that money except buy drinking water? that day ehhh since he lacked manners, i made sure the guy provided me with my complete balance even if it means looking for the N100 balance from somewhere outside the confinement of his office oh no time please.

I also made him understand that i will gladly let go of that money even if it means leaving it as tip for him but only if he was a little bit polite with his approach.

Can people ever learn how to be polite a little? Truth is being a customer service representative requires a lot of patience and tolerance, it  doesn’t mean we the customers should talk down on people just because they are serving us in public.

I had rather have a great customer service from a seller, buy an expensive product or one that doesn’t work than buy good products with terrible customer service. But in all sincerity, we all want to buy good products with amazing customer service that way life is a lot easier and everyone is also happy both the seller and the buyer because it only means that the buyer might come back again.

What kind of customer service experience have you experienced? good or bad? leave a comment below, i will love to read your experiences.



How to manage your time

Hello readers! I’m excited you popped by.

Readers are close to my heart and have helped me in so many incredible ways as I learnt the ropes and started this blog. Here I’ve collected some of what I’ve learnt along the way. I had so many great people share their experience with me and now I’d love to do the same.

Most of us are busy and finding enough time each day to do all the things we need to do, let alone those we WANT to do can be a challenge. Working on how to manage your time better so that you are more efficient and productive can give you more time to do the things you really enjoy without neglecting the things you need to do.

Turn off email alerts

It may seem like a really great set up to have email alerts automatically pop up on your desktop or phone but it is a huge distraction and reduces your efficiency. Choose times to regularly check your emails throughout the if needed but don’t have them popping up on the screen every time one comes through. If something is absolutely critical people can pick up a phone and call you.

Have a routine

Whether it is getting the kids ready for school or running through regular activities at work, having a routine will help you manage your time better and make you more efficient. If you have a set of tasks that are completed in a logical order you are less likely to wander off onto unrelated tasks and lose focus. Routine also help you to do things automatically so they become quick and easy

Stop multitasking

You may think by doing multiple things at once you are saving time and while for some stuff this is true, most of the time it just means you are doing lots of things badly. Sure, talk on the phone and clean up your desk or have a coffee while reading a book but if the task is something that requires attention don’t try to multitask. Research into driving has shown that we can’t attend well to two tasks that require focus, one always loses out (this is why you shouldn’t talk on the phone while driving … in fact even using hands free reduces your peripheral awareness). Trying to switch between multiple tasks will not only result in more mistakes, which wastes time when you go back to fix them, but it will also take you longer to complete the tasks than if you had just given your full attention to them separately.

Keep a notebook next to  you

If you are anything like me, little thoughts, idea, to do lists pop into my head at all sorts of random times. It is easy to get distracted from what you are doing and swap between a million tasks at once. Instead of becoming distracted, just write the thought down and come back to it later.


random photo

It is no secret that I love planning so of course this was going to be on the list. You can save a lot of time by planning ahead. From things as simple as buying a heap of cards ready to give for different occasions so you don’t need to go out and buy one every time a birthday rolls around through to bulk cooking up meats and planning out Christmas shopping before you head to the shops. Planning reduces time you waste going back and forth and helps you consolidate likes tasks together so you just do them ONCE.

Set a timer

If there is a task you need to do and you know roughly how long it will take, set yourself a timer. You’d be amazed at how much more efficient you can be when you sit down and just focus, Knowing there is an end in sight. I do this when writing articles and my newsletter. I allow myself a set amount of time and work like a madwoman for that period. When it’s up I stop and move on to whatever other activity I have planned. This also helps with giving the kids good expectations. It is much easier to say “mummy is going to spend 10 minutes doing xyz and when the timer goes off we will go to the park” than to tell a child you are going to write an email or make a phone call. Those concepts are limitless and they are much more likely to spend the whole time pulling your leg!



My Trip to Opobo Kingdom

Hey Guys!!!

Happy New Month!

Happy Everything jare!! It have teh!

Hope you all are having a wonderful time, because mine has been stressful but fun. i have been up to a lot of good things and am grateful to God for his grace. Yes i know i haven’t been consistent with my blog but am believing God to do better.

This Post has been in my archive for a while now, it is about my trip for the first time to the great ancient town of Opobo Nkoro.
I haven’t been to the riverine area of Rivers State that requires crossing over to the another island with a ferry since we relocated from Bonny Island to Port Harcourt town at the age of seven (7).
So it was mad fun traveling for my Bestie’s traditional marriage. It was truly an adventure for me!!!! Congratulation to Queenth and David!

From all our plenty teeth shining am sure you will see that we were really having fun using the ferry to cross over. For some, it was their first time being on a ferry, for others, it wasn’t but in all, we had massive fun!!!!!.

The serene was also so cool and natural that i couldn’t help but take a few snap shoots.

Have you ever been to Opobo before as a visitor? what was your experience and what was your major highlight.

I was told by my friend that they have this ancient belief that on the 31st of every December, people gather around this bell, hold it and  say a wish for the new year before they all join hands together and push the bell, causing it to ring. Once that is done, they believe that come the new year, their wishes will definitely come to reality….. lol.
I really don’t know how true this story is but i doubt if such belief still exist. Asked if I had fun? yes I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . I can comfortably say my major highlights were the boat ride and the fact that my friend is married!!!!!!!!!! Whoop!!!!.

Because she is my Bestie, i had to assist in the cooking so getting too dressed for the occasion was just a formality and i wasn’t ready to come and kill myself with that biko!!! I quietly went for my Ankara shift dress and my Next flat sandles, leaving my hair out.




Happy New Month – It’s My Birth Month!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Hey guys! Its another new month, the second month in 2017!!!! how time flies. It looks just like yesterday that we were all celebrating Christmas and new year but see one month is already gone, Hmm its well oh 😀
Am so excited 😄😄 and you know why? come over let me whisper it to you, its my birth month!!!!!!!!! 💃💃💃 i can’t fit shout!!! it can only be God that has brought me this far whoop! i know you will not understand, but chill, that is story for another day.
So today’s post is a compilation of a few motivational quotes to keep us going. i choose the few quotes that has helped me and i hope it motivates you as much it does to me.
If you noticed they all talked about nothing but fear. Fear is a killer of dreams and destiny, so quit being a chicken at heart and face it squarely.
Have you ever been afraid of failing or just afraid of anything? let me know what it is in the comment section, who knows we could find a way around it.
Francis Addy