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Product Review // Abebi Cattleya Body Butter, the skin game changer

Hey Fam i haven’t been consistent with posting here i know! i do not have any excuse because excuses are like procrastination that steals time, i promise to do better. Ok today i will be talking about this one product that has taken my skin glow game to A-level without having to lighten me, you love to read this right? yeah let’s dig in!

Few months ago, i made a post  about a few lifestyle changes that helped reduce my struggle with acne here and promise to do another post on the products i used, well here is one of them. I remember swearing never to use this body butter again, read here . That is because  i had no idea what fate had in stock for me lol.  Late last year the break out on my face was beginning to affect my self-estimate as it refused to improve after trying lots of skin care products that promised to do wonders yet nothing to show for it roll eyes. Then one day i saw a can of this butter sitting pretty in my drawer where i kept it only because a friend of mine whom i offered the butter refused to accept it. Unconsciously i took a pea size  and rubbed all over my face, that was the beginning of my journey with this butter.

Product Claim:

  •  Clear, smooth and gives an even toned skin
  • Locks in moisture all day
  • Rejuvenates and repairs skin giving an even brighter overall complexion
  • Lightens dark patches and blemishes
  • Fades stretch marks overtime.

Product Price:

A can of the body butter is N5,000 for 250g



All ingredients are organic.


My Experience

When i initially started using this skin food, truth be told i felt i have wasted my money, that is because i prefer my body products in lotion not in oil or butter. Also i couldn’t stand the smell of the Shea butter used as a base for this particular product so i decided to mix it with my body lotion as at that time before applying on my skin. Over time i started getting used to the butter but i had a little issue with my method of application because i had started noticing changes after a month of use but i couldn’t tell which product was doing the job not until the lotion i had got finished and i refused to restock. Gradually Cattleya body butter has become my go-to butter and i bet you i have never regretted ever investing in this product.

My Verdict:

  • I have the most sensitive skin on earth because i react to everything but this butter proved me otherwise, i never reacted negatively to it not even for a day! so yes i love it for this !!!
  • It gives an even skin tone with continuous use. For those with uneven skin tone, darker knee, knuckles and armpit this butter is for you.
  • It gives the glow effect.
  • It leaves the skin moisturized all day long. For those with wrinkled skin, give this a trial.
  • It helps with acne and rashes. Hubby started using this butter on his face and all bumps/rashes disappeared.
  • It lightens the skin when used for a long period of time.
  • It is made of organic oil and butter,so it’s safe for the skin.
  • It’s light weight and doesn’t sit on my skin which i also love.
  • It lasts 2-3 months depending on usage which is a win-win for me when compared to the price.
I have used mine for 10 weeks and still have this much left.
  • As little as a pea size goes a long way, see picture below.


Asked if i will re-stock this product, the answer is yes because i have found my holy grail, Wink.


Have you tried any product from this brand? what was your experience like? will you love to also give them a trial? please leave me your thoughts in the comment section.

Product Review // Body Scrub from Beautyproductsng

Hey guys! we are already at the end of July and i hope this month has been great to you because truth be told, it’s been amazing to me. Ok today we will be talking about the body scrub from Beautyproductsng  aside her Moroccan soap which i will also be doing a review on soon, this is one of the other thing she recommended i give a trial during my acne period early this year, please read my story Here

Beautyproductsng is an Nigerian brand Kaduna based company who are majorly focused on making organic skincare products, pure incense and perfume oils. I actually found them on Instagram late last year when someone mentioned them that she uses their skin products and truth is she has one of the flawless skin i have ever seen so i decided t follow them and become a monitoring spirit on their page lol.

Product Claim: 

  • It glows the skin (Everyone wants that one product  that does this)
  • for  smooth and supple  skin
  • It exfoliate the skin

Product Price: I got the scrub for N3800 (300g)


How to Use/ what you need:

  • The body Scrub
  • Warm water & a little container
  • Any oil of your choice

Using this scrub is very simple, all you need to do is dissolve 2 tablespoon of the body scrub with warm water in a container because the scrubs are in grainy forms, add any oil of your choice, for me i use one tablespoon of olive oil and few drops of honey to help keep my skin moisturized during the time of use. Apply the mixture all over your face and body as it can be used on both and allow to dry, scrub away with water and sponge, then watch your skin get that instant glow. It says on the label to use 2-3 times a week, but i use only once a week which is usually on Saturday nights.

Caution: I usually do this in the bathroom after which i sit in the bathtub and read or surf the the internet while waiting for it to dry because if you are not careful,  it will stain you silly.

Product Flaws:

  • It smells like overstayed palm kernel water so for those who can not stand this type of smell, please i have no other words for you other than, you might not like this type of body scrub.
  • It doesn’t have a list of the ingredients on the product label and being who i am? i love to know what i put in my body and also am sure listing the composition will also help us determine what gives that funny smell.
  • It is advisable to also wash off with soap properly to avoid having stain residual on your skin after use.

My Verdict:

  • I will definitely prefer a scrub with a nicer fragrance
  • The scrub absolutely does give the glow like the label claims and also helps with acne so it’s a win win for those with acne problem as long as you can stand the smell.
  • It does smoothen and leaves the skin supple as also indicated on the label.
  • Will i repurchase again? my answer will be YES because it does what it says, it leaves my skin feeling smooth like a baby bum.
  • I will give it a 3½ over 5 because of the stain and smell.
  • Their customer service is topnotch!!!! because I’m actually a sucker for good customer service and i know alot of Nigerian vendors needs training in this area.


PS: Please oh this is not a sponsored post in any way! it’s my honest opinion about this product!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have you ever used any product from this brand? will you love to give them a trial? please leave me your thoughts in the comment section. 



Rhinestone Shoes X AliExpress

Happy new month Guys!!! it’s another review! it’s actually my first review for the year so am super excited #dancing shaku shaku# So today i will be talking about my experience with the famous Ali Express yes you heard right Aliexpress!!!

I had this white shoe i ordered few years ago from a friend in London, after the shoe i arrived, i discovered that i had fallen in love the shoe because it was very comfortable and the heels were not too high (it was just 3inches high) so i asked her few weeks later if i could get the black same shoe, unfortunately she told me it was already sold out. I tried looking for the black of that shoe in Nigeria but couldn’t find it in any of the online malls. So  i had to tried Amazon and Ebay and found my shoe oh, yes i had to use the word “my” because it’s truly mine biko.  I noticed i couldn’t order and get the shoe shipped directly to Nigeria from either Amazon or Ebay without having a third party in either United Kingdom or United States.

Feeling frustrated that i couldn’t order without a third party, I had to look for an alternative and guess where i found same shoe? on Ali express!!!! Chaii i couldn’t contain my joy, even with the fact that i had read reviews on youtube and google on people’s bad experience while shopping from Ali Express especially the hashtag thing of getting something else while you ordered another thing, i was actually scared to order anything from them but my long throat will not let me be so i had to just close my eyes and order the shoe here

My Experience:

It took about 3 weeks for my shoe to arrive  after my payment was confirmed . My heart was doing me gbum gbum gbum while i  was praying that the shoe will come as expected because it will do me strong thing if it comes and it’s below my expectation plus N9,167  as at that time when dollar was crude oil in this country is not a small money. You can imagine how happy i was when the delivery guy from Nipost called me that he will be coming to deliver my package at the office that morning, Chaii i literally jumped with joy but being that i was on leave then, i asked him to leave the parcel at their office so i can come at my own leisure and pick it up.

On getting to Nipost, i was asked to pay N500 which i did before i could pick up. Immediately i was handed over the parcel, my dear friends and family, my heart skipped, this is because the shoe was feeling so small and in my head i started thinking so this is how my money just went down the drain? who asked me to order from Aliexpress? who even introduced me to that site? you need to see the type of questions going through my mind. Finally i unveiled my parcel and boom that’s my shoe looking so cute and beautiful.

When i tried the shoes on, i discovered that it was a little smaller in size but very beautiful and i loved it but i had to expand it a little bit f before i could wear them properly, in all it was a good buy.

FLAW: When buying anything from Aliexpress especially for shoes and cloths, please and please buy a size bigger, their sizes are usually smaller so order a bigger size.  My shoe size is 39 so when ordering next time, i will have to order for a size 40, that way am sure i will not have any issue with the item.

Freebies: The shoe also came with a set of free ear rings and an extra heel guard just in case the original heel guard  goes missing, Am sorry i forgot to take pictures of those.

Asked if i will like to order anything shoes from this site, like i said, anything shoes only, my answer will remain yes but as for cloths, am not quite sure because those are different items entirely and i don’t want to fall victim of the hashtag, what i ordered versus what i got. Because trust me i will definitely like to rocking whatever it is i ordered.


PS: This is not a sponsored post, it’s my honest experience with Aliexpress.


Have you ever ordered anything from Aliexpress, what item did you order and what was your express like? please leave me a comment, lets gist. 


Shopping Experience X Bad Customer Service

I was on my own jejely in one of the check-out queue in a supermarket when I overheard this conversation between a customer and one of the cash attendant at the other queue.

Customer: So why didn’t you tell me in the first place!

Attendant: #withafunnylookonherface# ehh oga this is what is in my system (PC), I cannot change it or charge you less

Customer: I don’t understand you, that I saw N4,400 on the price tag and you charged me N4,500 why? without  considering telling me! and to worsen the case you even went as far as tearing off the price tag from the product without asking me first if the new price was ok with me!! Why are you people like this haba!

Attendant: Oga I have told you, the price tag is wrong, and what I saw on the system is N4,500!

Truth is while standing there listening to these conversation between the customer and the attendant, i was already processing inside my head what kind of response to give to this girl who thinks money grow on the trees and customers just stroll in, pluck them off the trees without any stress, that’s why she had the guts to remove the original price tag from an item, charge the client WITHOUT telling him!!! Hiah!!! who does that!!

I know what they were arguing about was just N100 and any one could as well just ignore it but then, i wasn’t happy with the way and manner in which the girl was handling the situation, she had on a terrible attitude and a bad tone, as in! i just couldn’t deal with that if i were to be in that man’s shoe! as if being polite and explaining to the customer that it was an error from them which will not repeat itself again will change her name or was a taboo.

I was boiling inside like hot yam but then what can i do? i couldn’t tell the cashier that her tone and body language was wrong because it’s rude and a bad habit to intrude into other people’s conversation and the worst is that they might even end up asking me who invited me into the discussion or if my name was written anywhere on that product lol. Then it occurred to me that we all have at one point or the other dealt with bad customer service in our day to day activities.

This reminded me of the day i bought Sharwama from a popular eatery sometime ago and my balance was meant to be N300, the waiter came to me and said “madam collect water from the fridge, i no get N100 to give you, na only N200 dey my hand” at first i was shocked at his audacity, then my brain did a reset on its own, lol.

That was when it dawned on me that this guy was serious to have walked up to me without an apology to ask me to take water from the refrigerator just because he does not have my complete balance. I swear i went berserk with anger like i should collect water right? who told him i was thirty in the first place? How did he know i didn’t have anything else planned out to do with that money except buy drinking water? that day ehhh since he lacked manners, i made sure the guy provided me with my complete balance even if it means looking for the N100 balance from somewhere outside the confinement of his office oh no time please.

I also made him understand that i will gladly let go of that money even if it means leaving it as tip for him but only if he was a little bit polite with his approach.

Can people ever learn how to be polite a little? Truth is being a customer service representative requires a lot of patience and tolerance, it  doesn’t mean we the customers should talk down on people just because they are serving us in public.

I had rather have a great customer service from a seller, buy an expensive product or one that doesn’t work than buy good products with terrible customer service. But in all sincerity, we all want to buy good products with amazing customer service that way life is a lot easier and everyone is also happy both the seller and the buyer because it only means that the buyer might come back again.

What kind of customer service experience have you experienced? good or bad? leave a comment below, i will love to read your experiences.



DIY// Simple Activated Charcoal Face Mask

Hey Guys! Happy New Month.

How is everyone doing? hope we are all staying positive! Ok today’s post will be all about  the activated charcoal face mask.

Yes you heard right! i have used this mask for a while now and decided to share it here.
You know the saying that if you aren’t using activated charcoal yet, you are not a cool kid 😂  it is believed that only cool kids use  trending things, if i hear!!! 😎

I decided to try the activated charcoal because of the many benefits i read about it and how you can even ingest it. I also saw a lot of posts on IG regarding it especially the peel – off  but because i have a very sensitive skin, sweetheart i just respected myself and stayed on my lane by choosing the raw organic charcoal over the peel-off. so lets dig in.

All you need are just two basic ingredients or three if you chose.

1) Activated Charcoal
2) Raw Natural Honey
3) Lemon Oil (Optional)

I got the activated charcoal  for N1,300 from Eco Essence on Konga here 

For the honey, hubby bought it so i can not say where he got it from but i guess he probably got it from a local store around our vicinity.

I also got this lemon oil for from Konga for N2,500 but sorry i couldn’t find the link, guess it’s sold out.


Using a table spoon, put just one spoonful of honey in a little bowl,  1/2 table spoon of the activated charcoal and 2-3 drops of lemon oil. Mix all together to get a paste and Viola! you are good to go 🙌

This is the final result of the what the face mask which i wash off after 20-30 minutes looks like. I love this honey mix because the honey helps keep my face moisturized and it tends to lighten the charcoal from the usual blackness that comes with it. Also with the honey, the mask tend not to leave behind any black stains unlike when it’s just a quick charcoal and water mix.  It also does not clog my pores unlike the other water mix mask which leaves my face with so many rashes once i do not wash it off after 10 mins of application.

The picture below is the result i get whenever it’s just activated charcoal mixed with water.  This mix takes longer to wash off because it leaves a black residual which i usually wash of with bicarbonate (Baking Soda) .

PS: The Eco Essence activated charcoal is VERY VERY GRAINY so if not properly handled during application on the face, you may end up hurting your face. For me, i like it because it also serve as an exfoliating agent so it’s a win – win.
Asked if i will be re-purchasing this brand of activated charcoal, my answer will be MAYBE.
I think i will prefer to go for the food grade charcoal here
Have you tried the activated charcoal mask? What do think of it, what difference did it make in your skin?



Product Review// Abedi Organic Turmeric Lightening Black Soap

Hey Guys!!!

Today i will be talking about the Abebi Organic Turmeric black soap.

Abebi Organic is an indigenous upcoming brand that specialize in Skin and Hair care products. They focus on creating their products with 100% natural Shea butter base products.

For those who know me very well, you will confirm that when it comes to organic skin care products, am a junkie lol, i can try anything Black soap

Ok  back to the topic. i stumbled on a review of Abebi  turmeric face scrub Here 

while looking for good organic products i could use to brighten up my face a little because i noticed my face was always looking darker than the rest of my body and my friends were always complaining, this slay mama thingy ehh na wah sha. We must slay the skin by force sha lol.

So after reading Nappyhair’s review and those on Abebi’s Instagram page and being that Nappy Hair mentioned that they have products that lightens, Hallelujah!!! i decided to contacted them to make further inquiries before purchasing any of their products.

I also had to go through their IG page like a 100 times reading and re-reading reviews before reaching out to them because i have also had my own share of the black soap experience which always turn out nice and wonderful at the initial stage of using them and then a week or two later, we will start speaking another grammar entirely read here as regards the soap.

So i was a bit skeptical but omo with all the many reviews on their Instagram page, i just had to give it a trial. So i went ahead to  buy two of their products.

A body butter and the turmeric soap.









My Experience with both products:













From the picture above, I can categorically say I have used this soap long enough to give my candid opinion.

Product Label
On the product Label, for the soap, it is said to

  • Cleans,
  • Heal
  • Lighten.












Yes it does cleans, as started on the label, I love the way my skin feels after each bath. it leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean, silky and soft which is a thumbs up for it.

I also love the fragrance, it has this ancient native fragrance.
It does lightens as indicated on the label and also glows the skin over time giving it a fresh look.

But for me I think before one can achieve that flawless skin that every woman wants with the use of this soap, you must have used it for a very long time.

Another thing with this brand is that as little as a pea size  goes a long way, that means it can last longer. I have used mine for over a month yet i haven’t gotten to use half of the can.

It also lathers pretty well but not as moisturizing as I wanted.

The very highlight for me about this soap is that it brightened my skin rather than turning me to oyibo ( very light skin people) which am not. It also gave me a perfect caramel skin tone and blended in other darker part of my skin that were darker except for my face (sad face) which brighten up a bit but totally refused to blend with my other skin tone.

I noticed that this brand of products (this include both soap and body butter)  did not  come with a list of ingredients. I really love to know what am putting in my body oh seriously.

Back view of the soap can










Body Butter 
For the body butter, the truth is i only used it twice, i just couldn’t stand the smell of the Shea butter used as a base. Ahhh it was so strong for me because i think they never thought of using maybe lemon oil or orange oil in the butter to give it a better fragrance or maybe it was just my own imagination but hey i just couldn’t use it biko!

Little goes a long way too like the soap but i have an oily face so no matter how little, it ends up leaving my face with trailer load of oil I couldn’t stand it after trying twice oh! I know its my money but mba! I can’t do it anymore biko!!!

My Verdict About both Products

  • Its a great cleansing agent (for the soap)  and it does brightens and may even lighten the skin with constant usage
  • It heals too as said on the label because it helped dry up the acne on my face a little thou because they are still there but the soap helped a lot.
  • The price for the soap is fair enough, but for me, the price for the body butter is on the high side biko.
  • The soap does not leave any residual during use, it rinses out totally leaving that squeaky feeling.
  • The major reason why i might have a re-think before repurchasing this soap is because it seriously leaves my knuckles darker than normal. (This is a big turn off for me because it will now be looking like am bleaching when am not)
  • The body butter for me is a huge No!!! For all those with oily face or Acne prone skin i will advice against it.
  • The Shea butter smell takes much longer to clear from the skin

They are all nice products but as for the body butter it’s a huge No for me!

Asked if i can repurchase the soap once i run out of this, My answer will be maybe!

Have you used any Abebi Organic products? How was it on your skin, i will love to know.

Where To Buy Product: Whatsapp: 07010178529, Email:, Instagram: abebiorganics.

PS: Please this is not a sponsored post but my honest opinion of this brand.



My Trip to Opobo Kingdom

Hey Guys!!!

Happy New Month!

Happy Everything jare!! It have teh!

Hope you all are having a wonderful time, because mine has been stressful but fun. i have been up to a lot of good things and am grateful to God for his grace. Yes i know i haven’t been consistent with my blog but am believing God to do better.

This Post has been in my archive for a while now, it is about my trip for the first time to the great ancient town of Opobo Nkoro.
I haven’t been to the riverine area of Rivers State that requires crossing over to the another island with a ferry since we relocated from Bonny Island to Port Harcourt town at the age of seven (7).
So it was mad fun traveling for my Bestie’s traditional marriage. It was truly an adventure for me!!!! Congratulation to Queenth and David!

From all our plenty teeth shining am sure you will see that we were really having fun using the ferry to cross over. For some, it was their first time being on a ferry, for others, it wasn’t but in all, we had massive fun!!!!!.

The serene was also so cool and natural that i couldn’t help but take a few snap shoots.

Have you ever been to Opobo before as a visitor? what was your experience and what was your major highlight.

I was told by my friend that they have this ancient belief that on the 31st of every December, people gather around this bell, hold it and  say a wish for the new year before they all join hands together and push the bell, causing it to ring. Once that is done, they believe that come the new year, their wishes will definitely come to reality….. lol.
I really don’t know how true this story is but i doubt if such belief still exist. Asked if I had fun? yes I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . I can comfortably say my major highlights were the boat ride and the fact that my friend is married!!!!!!!!!! Whoop!!!!.

Because she is my Bestie, i had to assist in the cooking so getting too dressed for the occasion was just a formality and i wasn’t ready to come and kill myself with that biko!!! I quietly went for my Ankara shift dress and my Next flat sandles, leaving my hair out.




Product Review// Fighealth Brightening Turmeric Black Soap

Hey guys!

Its another new week! And i believe you all had a wonderful weekend!

OK lets talk about the Fighealth Store Turmeric black soap that i have been longing to try out for so long! Yessssssssss!!!

I was skeptical about buying this brand of black soap because i have had my own share of the black soap Experience irrespective of the good stories that comes with each of these soap! I have a very sensitive skin so i always find it very difficult to try out new beauty products because when i do, it is either they start an acne war zone on my face or they dry out my skin unnecessarily.

But with all the good reviews I have seen from users on Fighealth Instagram page, i went straight to ordering the soap before i change my mind oh.

The soap is of two types, the regular type that contains coconut oil and egg but also needs to be refrigerated at all time and goes for 4,500. The second type is for sensitive skin and does not contain either coconut oil or egg but goes for 5,000 and also does not require being refrigerated.

What does this soap do?

It is said to naturally brighten the skin complexion, diminish acne scares, blemishes, dark sports and skin discolorations, control oil secretion and improve skin’s elasticity.

I ordered that of the sensitive skin to avoid stories that touches the heart lol. I didn’t just order the soap alone, i also ordered their moisturizing gel which i read is loaded with 100% Turmeric, Aloe Vera and other oil which has lots of benefits for the skin. The gel goes for 4,350.









The soap weighs 700 g which is an indication that it will last for a long while, to avoid melting mine in the cause of using it, i scooped a little out in a container and kept the rest.




While the gel came in a 250 ml bottle that has a head pump making it user friendly.

As little as what i have below goes a long way so you do not need much.











Below are a list of the key ingredients of the turmeric black soap and gel, i doubt if any other ingredient was left.

Turmeric black soap

  • Pure black soap
  • Turmeric
  • Sesame seed oil
  • Vitamin E oil ( i love this oil )
  • Jojoba oil
  • Grape seed oil
  • Honey
  • Argan oil









Turmeric Gel

  • Aloe Vera
  • Sweet Almond oil
  • Turmeric
  • Grapeseed Oil.

My Observation so far

The truth is after two days of my consistent use of this black soap, i was expecting to see the usual acne breakout that comes each time i try a new body wash or soap. ( some people will tell me the soap is purging my skin when i no dey see anything e dey purge ).

but i can confidently tell you that am in my 9th day of using the soap and gel, yet no breakout hmmmm for this alone, its a thumbs up for them. This alone got me.

Initially i wasn’t too ok with the soap as it washes my skin clean, i felt like its stripping my body of it’s natural oil because the previous soap i was using  didn’t have that kind of effect but then i got used to that feeling after a while.

I also noticed that a pea size of the black soap lathers enough so you do not need much to wash your body.

But i will still need to use this product for at least a month before i can give a proper updated review of the soap to tell you if there has been any visible improvement on my skin as regards helping fade the acne scares on my face. I no say no be magic soap but lets see how it goes.

When next i order this soap, i will ask that extra oil be added to it since i have the choice of customizing it at the point of purchase because i really want that extra moisturizing effect.

Will i be buying this soap again? Yes because its 100% organic.

PS: Please this is not a sponsored post mbok!!! but my honest opinion of this brand of black soap.

Have you ever tried this brand of black soap? Share below what changes you noticed or your experience while using the soap.