DIY// Simple Activated Charcoal Face Mask

Hey Guys! Happy New Month.

How is everyone doing? hope we are all staying positive! Ok today’s post will be all about  the activated charcoal face mask.

Yes you heard right! i have used this mask for a while now and decided to share it here.
You know the saying that if you aren’t using activated charcoal yet, you are not a cool kid 😂  it is believed that only cool kids use  trending things, if i hear!!! 😎

I decided to try the activated charcoal because of the many benefits i read about it and how you can even ingest it. I also saw a lot of posts on IG regarding it especially the peel – off  but because i have a very sensitive skin, sweetheart i just respected myself and stayed on my lane by choosing the raw organic charcoal over the peel-off. so lets dig in.

All you need are just two basic ingredients or three if you chose.

1) Activated Charcoal
2) Raw Natural Honey
3) Lemon Oil (Optional)

I got the activated charcoal  for N1,300 from Eco Essence on Konga here 

For the honey, hubby bought it so i can not say where he got it from but i guess he probably got it from a local store around our vicinity.

I also got this lemon oil for from Konga for N2,500 but sorry i couldn’t find the link, guess it’s sold out.


Using a table spoon, put just one spoonful of honey in a little bowl,  1/2 table spoon of the activated charcoal and 2-3 drops of lemon oil. Mix all together to get a paste and Viola! you are good to go 🙌

This is the final result of the what the face mask which i wash off after 20-30 minutes looks like. I love this honey mix because the honey helps keep my face moisturized and it tends to lighten the charcoal from the usual blackness that comes with it. Also with the honey, the mask tend not to leave behind any black stains unlike when it’s just a quick charcoal and water mix.  It also does not clog my pores unlike the other water mix mask which leaves my face with so many rashes once i do not wash it off after 10 mins of application.

See Also

The picture below is the result i get whenever it’s just activated charcoal mixed with water.  This mix takes longer to wash off because it leaves a black residual which i usually wash of with bicarbonate (Baking Soda) .

PS: The Eco Essence activated charcoal is VERY VERY GRAINY so if not properly handled during application on the face, you may end up hurting your face. For me, i like it because it also serve as an exfoliating agent so it’s a win – win.
Asked if i will be re-purchasing this brand of activated charcoal, my answer will be MAYBE.
I think i will prefer to go for the food grade charcoal here
Have you tried the activated charcoal mask? What do think of it, what difference did it make in your skin?



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