Four (4) things we need to see less on the Gram in 2019

I guess it is not too late to say Happy new year and welcome to 2019!!! Phew! we are finally here after the long wait. Yes i have been anticipating to see 2019 all the while we were in 2018 but am grateful to God that we finally made it.

A lot of  us already have our set goals for the year while for some, it’s a new year resolution but i wonder if people ever stick to new year resolutions. For me, it just doesn’t work.

Today i will like to talk about a few things that i am tired of seeing on Instagram, which i also feel needs to end with 2018.


This is top on my list because it has become a regular occurrence. please why follow me to unfollow few days later? the most annoying of them all is Mr or Miss 10k – 50k followers!

I wonder what their aim is, You see a page with over 10,000 followers wakes up one morning and follow your page.

I have learnt not to bother with these set of people, whatever it is i was doing before they followed me, the only thing i can do for them is go check out their page and quietly go back to what i was previously doing.

Mr or Miss please you need to leave this in 2018 because we already know how it works and will no longer fall victims.


Please i need to ask, where do these people come from? I wonder who gives them our handle, the interesting part is that they will never unfollow you or comment on your posts.

All they do is increase your number of followers whether you want it or not, they will tell you, we die here. Once they start following you, they will never stop, they just keep coming in there numbers.

Hey! i understand that i buy from Aliexpress but please i never asked you to followed me on Instagram so thank you, we no longer like to be followed.



Yes this trend has helped a lot of brand get visibility. It has also helped some smaller brand grow faster than they would on a normal day but the truth is i still can’t say if am a fan of it or not. You guys shouldn’t come for me abeg! am just a blogger!

If your content does not add value to me, then there isn’t any need to follow you. You don’t also need to to follow me and expect it’s mandatory i  follow you back  roll eyes.

Some of these people unfollow few days after the excise why? What is the essence then? So to the originator of this trend, I know it’s a wonderful idea for visibility, but please can we see less of this in 2019 biko.


When you see the list of account you need to follow plus the amount of people you need to tag to follow just to win 5k, then you will understand that life is not easy.

Some people are even asked to make short videos and upload with their own data. For some, you need to tell them reasons why you deserve the giveaway and also hustle to get people to like your comments. I know all these are necessary but please less of these rules will go a long way. Give because you want to give.

To even think that after going through the stress of begging your friends to follow and like, at the end you lose out, It can be very painful sha. Please we can not continue like this, this is 2019, Giveaways should be giveaway without the dramas!

It could come with simple instructions so that everyone is happy at the end.


Have you noticed that some of these things are becoming a norm on Instagram? What is your take on any of those listed above.


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