Happiness from Within

Hey Lovelies!!!

Happy New Month!!!!!
Am super excited that we made it into another great month! and left July behind! you know why, for the past three (3) years, July has never been favorable to me or my household but his year’s was just different because we asked God to make it a different one and guess what? He did!!! Yes he did! Thank You Lord.
I actually want to talk about Happiness in today’s post! to help keep us motivated through the new month.

What is Happiness? Happiness by Wiki “is a mental or emotional state of well-being which can be defined by, among others, positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy” 

 Now my question is are you one of those whose happiness is indirectly attached to something without you knowing.  The word something means just anything! it could your relationship, career, money or just about anything! Hey darl!!!! you do not need all that to be happy you know. Happiness should be same as the air you breath in!!! no matter where you find yourselve, you do try as much as possible to stay happy.

I used to be one person who will get mad at you once you offend me, and will bear grudge till only God knows when, i will need to even pray about it before i can forgive but now, but now i  had to specifically pray that God give me a forgiving and forgetting spirit, that feeling is gradually fading off and i am now in a better place with a better state of mind. I have refused to give anyone the key to my happiness directly or indirectly mbok!!!

So i will post a couple of quotes relating to happiness that i like to look at whenever am passing through a phase.

Just for the laugh, I just couldn’t help but share this below.

You can’t make everyone happy, you are not an AVOCADO

Are you one of those who suck over everything? Hey! rise up, take a deep breath, go out there and make yourself as happy as you can!!!!!!

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