Happy New Month – It’s My Birth Month!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Hey guys! Its another new month, the second month in 2017!!!! how time flies. It looks just like yesterday that we were all celebrating Christmas and new year but see one month is already gone, Hmm its well oh 😀
Am so excited 😄😄 and you know why? come over let me whisper it to you, its my birth month!!!!!!!!! 💃💃💃 i can’t fit shout!!! it can only be God that has brought me this far whoop! i know you will not understand, but chill, that is story for another day.
So today’s post is a compilation of a few motivational quotes to keep us going. i choose the few quotes that has helped me and i hope it motivates you as much it does to me.
If you noticed they all talked about nothing but fear. Fear is a killer of dreams and destiny, so quit being a chicken at heart and face it squarely.
Have you ever been afraid of failing or just afraid of anything? let me know what it is in the comment section, who knows we could find a way around it.
Francis Addy

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