Happy New Year + 2018 Goals

Hey! hey!! guys welcome to 2018!! a year of better goodies! yes am glad we all made it alive into this year in good health, It can only be God! Oshe!!!🙌🙌

I have been anticipating for this year to come since we were in 2017 , reason being that last year was a little trying for me and am glad the new year, a new chapter is here, thank God. I have set for myself a few new year goals and i pray God help me achieve them all. Setting goal is good but the best part is seeing them through and am sure i will try to see these through that’s why am putting a few of them out here to act as a reminder to me that i can do better.  I will just list a few in no particular order.

Getting to know God better: This is one thing i desire the most this year, because for me life without God is fruitless.

Exercise: For those who follow me on Instagram, you will agree with me that i “used to” be a fitness freak but truth is i lost the flare for it after i got married, if asked why? i cannot tell, maybe because being a wife and also working takes more time than being single. I have decided that i will be more serious with my exercises even if i will have to start up with simple and easy routines that will not stress me out so as to make sure that the abs and the muscles are well toned if you understand what i mean 😂😉

Eating Healthy: I have always been one who prefers clean eating to other junk foods but truth is all through last year i was a bit carefree with food, i just didn’t bother much to monitor what i eat nor count calories with my foods as much as i used to do. But this year will be a lot different for me. Am thinking of going vegan but hey am so scared of leaving meat! 😂 how can i stay without eating any form of meat? 😱 chaiiii i doubt if i can do that 😖😖 so i have decided that the easiest  way will be to take it one step at a time and entirely cut out beef (cow meat) and probably stick to lean meats like Snail and then fish or chicken for protein. This I will try because healthy lifestyle is top on my list after God.

Being consistent with blogging: I really don’t know where to start with this, but i will try to be more consistent with posting here and i pray God help me 🙏

Getting a good Camera: Yeah blogging requires good and quality pictures and i can not achieve much without a good  Camera so getting one is on my to-do list for 2018 and i will not mind getting one as a gift too, you can never tell.

Redefining my personal goals: Everyone has set goals for each year and at the end of the year we discover that some of these goals are not even met. I really don’t want that for myself this year so I have decided to redefine my goals and look for a smarter and better way of achieving them without putting so much pressure on myself .

Traveling: One of my goals is to travel to either Zanzibar or any other part of Africa for a start this year but I guess this is also dependent on my hubby giving his permission too 😂   if not this will only be a fantasy.

Making more money: Abeg who doesn’t want more money, can I see your hands? 🙋 looks left and right nobody I guess!  I pray we all make as much money as we desire this year! Amen.

Trying new things: I will definitely try new things this year and i hope to share some oth them here with you guys, so wish me luck guys! OK lets go there!!!

What are your goals?  Are you ready to met them and not just writing them down?  How prepared are you to put in a little more effort than you used to do and make it work?As for me, am so ready for this year! Welcome on board 2018!!!

Stay tune until next time!!!!



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