My Trip to Opobo Kingdom

Hey Guys!!!

Happy New Month!

Happy Everything jare!! It have teh!

Hope you all are having a wonderful time, because mine has been stressful but fun. i have been up to a lot of good things and am grateful to God for his grace. Yes i know i haven’t been consistent with my blog but am believing God to do better.

This Post has been in my archive for a while now, it is about my trip for the first time to the great ancient town of Opobo Nkoro.
I haven’t been to the riverine area of Rivers State that requires crossing over to the another island with a ferry since we relocated from Bonny Island to Port Harcourt town at the age of seven (7).
So it was mad fun traveling for my Bestie’s traditional marriage. It was truly an adventure for me!!!! Congratulation to Queenth and David!

From all our plenty teeth shining am sure you will see that we were really having fun using the ferry to cross over. For some, it was their first time being on a ferry, for others, it wasn’t but in all, we had massive fun!!!!!.

The serene was also so cool and natural that i couldn’t help but take a few snap shoots.

Have you ever been to Opobo before as a visitor? what was your experience and what was your major highlight.

I was told by my friend that they have this ancient belief that on the 31st of every December, people gather around this bell, hold it and  say a wish for the new year before they all join hands together and push the bell, causing it to ring. Once that is done, they believe that come the new year, their wishes will definitely come to reality….. lol.
I really don’t know how true this story is but i doubt if such belief still exist. Asked if I had fun? yes I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . I can comfortably say my major highlights were the boat ride and the fact that my friend is married!!!!!!!!!! Whoop!!!!.

Because she is my Bestie, i had to assist in the cooking so getting too dressed for the occasion was just a formality and i wasn’t ready to come and kill myself with that biko!!! I quietly went for my Ankara shift dress and my Next flat sandles, leaving my hair out.

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