Port Harcourt Chowfair 2018

So guys i decided to attend my very first trade fair last weekend! yes you heard me right, this is my very first trade fair in my entire life and because am a foodie it turned out that it was a food event #coversface# i feel like shouting it from the roof top!!! like i want the whole world to know lol. I have been living in Port Harcourt all my life and i haven’t been able to attend any event or fair just because maybe i haven’t been on the right platform or just following the right people. So it turned out that i found out about this fair via twitter, a big shout out to my friend who encouraged me and helped me open my account.

It was a two days event and i was happy i was able to make it to the event on the second day even with my busy schedule. I went with a friend so we got there few minutes before 5pm, got the ticket for as low as N200.

I actually thought we were very late because the whole place was looking a bit empty but then i noticed those selling still had their products on their stand so we started moving around to see what we can either buy to eat or buy to take home.

Red Carpet and the stage

They had a place set up for pictures for all those red carpet lovers and a stage where the MC and upcoming artist could stand to perform as well as dance competitions.


There were lots of food from grilled fishes to smoothies, abacha (jollof cassava), bole (roasted plantain) and fish which is known as Port Harcourt street food to lots of other goodies. I went for Abacha because no matter where i find myself, as long as there is abacha on the table, i will always chose it over every other food, that’s how much i love it.

They had the Shisha spot for all those who will like shisha lol, i guess they came prepared.


Then there were games for all game lovers like me, from tennis to all other games that i can’t tell their names. As people play, more people come in to either watch the game or see if they can get a chance to play. Each of these games cost N200 for each round and N400 for three (3) rounds.

I also learnt how to play a new game and its called the four by four (4×4) i.e you need to chose a color, play to have those particular colors in a single row either horizontal, vertical or diagonal as long as you are the first have same color in one row, then you are the winner for that round. I ended up playing 3 rounds and i won only once and was beaten twice #shineteeth# in all, i had massive fun because this was the highlight of the event for me.




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At about 6:30pm, the place began to fill up with people, and the place came more lively and crowded. People came in their numbers and children were not exempted too. It was  place to meet new people, make friends and as well have fun.

Beat Fm and Classic FM didn’t come to dull too, they came prepared because for every shout out you do with them goes live on air so it was as good as you are  live in the radio station.

For me it was an avenue to network, relax, eat and as well have fun so it was a win win for everyone i guess.  I will say a big kudos to the organizers of this event because it was worth every bit of my time. Also from the reviews on twitter, it seems everyone who made out time to attend had fun. This means we are actually looking forward to more events like this in Port Harcourt.

Were you there at the event? what was your highlight? for those who attend trade fairs, what do you actually look out for? please leave a comment lets interact.


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