Product Review // Abebi Cattleya Body Butter, the skin game changer

Hey Fam i haven’t been consistent with posting here i know! i do not have any excuse because excuses are like procrastination that steals time, i promise to do better. Ok today i will be talking about this one product that has taken my skin glow game to A-level without having to lighten me, you love to read this right? yeah let’s dig in!

Few months ago, i made a post  about a few lifestyle changes that helped reduce my struggle with acne here and promise to do another post on the products i used, well here is one of them. I remember swearing never to use this body butter again, read here . That is because  i had no idea what fate had in stock for me lol.  Late last year the break out on my face was beginning to affect my self-estimate as it refused to improve after trying lots of skin care products that promised to do wonders yet nothing to show for it roll eyes. Then one day i saw a can of this butter sitting pretty in my drawer where i kept it only because a friend of mine whom i offered the butter refused to accept it. Unconsciously i took a pea size  and rubbed all over my face, that was the beginning of my journey with this butter.

Product Claim:

  •  Clear, smooth and gives an even toned skin
  • Locks in moisture all day
  • Rejuvenates and repairs skin giving an even brighter overall complexion
  • Lightens dark patches and blemishes
  • Fades stretch marks overtime.

Product Price:

A can of the body butter is N5,000 for 250g


All ingredients are organic.

My Experience

When i initially started using this skin food, truth be told i felt i have wasted my money, that is because i prefer my body products in lotion not in oil or butter. Also i couldn’t stand the smell of the Shea butter used as a base for this particular product so i decided to mix it with my body lotion as at that time before applying on my skin. Over time i started getting used to the butter but i had a little issue with my method of application because i had started noticing changes after a month of use but i couldn’t tell which product was doing the job not until the lotion i had got finished and i refused to restock. Gradually Cattleya body butter has become my go-to butter and i bet you i have never regretted ever investing in this product.

My Verdict:

See Also

  • I have the most sensitive skin on earth because i react to everything but this butter proved me otherwise, i never reacted negatively to it not even for a day! so yes i love it for this !!!
  • It gives an even skin tone with continuous use. For those with uneven skin tone, darker knee, knuckles and armpit this butter is for you.
  • It gives the glow effect.
  • It leaves the skin moisturized all day long. For those with wrinkled skin, give this a trial.
  • It helps with acne and rashes. Hubby started using this butter on his face and all bumps/rashes disappeared.
  • It lightens the skin when used for a long period of time.
  • It is made of organic oil and butter,so it’s safe for the skin.
  • It’s light weight and doesn’t sit on my skin which i also love.
  • It lasts 2-3 months depending on usage which is a win-win for me when compared to the price.
I have used mine for 10 weeks and still have this much left.
  • As little as a pea size goes a long way, see picture below.

Asked if i will re-stock this product, the answer is yes because i have found my holy grail, Wink.

Have you tried any product from this brand? what was your experience like? will you love to also give them a trial? please leave me your thoughts in the comment section.

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