Product Review// Abedi Organic Turmeric Lightening Black Soap

Hey Guys!!!

Today i will be talking about the Abebi Organic Turmeric black soap.

Abebi Organic is an indigenous upcoming brand that specialize in Skin and Hair care products. They focus on creating their products with 100% natural Shea butter base products.

For those who know me very well, you will confirm that when it comes to organic skin care products, am a junkie lol, i can try anything Black soap

Ok  back to the topic. i stumbled on a review of Abebi  turmeric face scrub Here 

while looking for good organic products i could use to brighten up my face a little because i noticed my face was always looking darker than the rest of my body and my friends were always complaining, this slay mama thingy ehh na wah sha. We must slay the skin by force sha lol.

So after reading Nappyhair’s review and those on Abebi’s Instagram page and being that Nappy Hair mentioned that they have products that lightens, Hallelujah!!! i decided to contacted them to make further inquiries before purchasing any of their products.

I also had to go through their IG page like a 100 times reading and re-reading reviews before reaching out to them because i have also had my own share of the black soap experience which always turn out nice and wonderful at the initial stage of using them and then a week or two later, we will start speaking another grammar entirely read here as regards the soap.

So i was a bit skeptical but omo with all the many reviews on their Instagram page, i just had to give it a trial. So i went ahead to  buy two of their products.

A body butter and the turmeric soap.









My Experience with both products:













From the picture above, I can categorically say I have used this soap long enough to give my candid opinion.

Product Label
On the product Label, for the soap, it is said to

  • Cleans,
  • Heal
  • Lighten.












Yes it does cleans, as started on the label, I love the way my skin feels after each bath. it leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean, silky and soft which is a thumbs up for it.

I also love the fragrance, it has this ancient native fragrance.
It does lightens as indicated on the label and also glows the skin over time giving it a fresh look.

But for me I think before one can achieve that flawless skin that every woman wants with the use of this soap, you must have used it for a very long time.

Another thing with this brand is that as little as a pea size  goes a long way, that means it can last longer. I have used mine for over a month yet i haven’t gotten to use half of the can.

See Also

It also lathers pretty well but not as moisturizing as I wanted.

The very highlight for me about this soap is that it brightened my skin rather than turning me to oyibo ( very light skin people) which am not. It also gave me a perfect caramel skin tone and blended in other darker part of my skin that were darker except for my face (sad face) which brighten up a bit but totally refused to blend with my other skin tone.

I noticed that this brand of products (this include both soap and body butter)  did not  come with a list of ingredients. I really love to know what am putting in my body oh seriously.

Back view of the soap can










Body Butter 
For the body butter, the truth is i only used it twice, i just couldn’t stand the smell of the Shea butter used as a base. Ahhh it was so strong for me because i think they never thought of using maybe lemon oil or orange oil in the butter to give it a better fragrance or maybe it was just my own imagination but hey i just couldn’t use it biko!

Little goes a long way too like the soap but i have an oily face so no matter how little, it ends up leaving my face with trailer load of oil I couldn’t stand it after trying twice oh! I know its my money but mba! I can’t do it anymore biko!!!

My Verdict About both Products

  • Its a great cleansing agent (for the soap)  and it does brightens and may even lighten the skin with constant usage
  • It heals too as said on the label because it helped dry up the acne on my face a little thou because they are still there but the soap helped a lot.
  • The price for the soap is fair enough, but for me, the price for the body butter is on the high side biko.
  • The soap does not leave any residual during use, it rinses out totally leaving that squeaky feeling.
  • The major reason why i might have a re-think before repurchasing this soap is because it seriously leaves my knuckles darker than normal. (This is a big turn off for me because it will now be looking like am bleaching when am not)
  • The body butter for me is a huge No!!! For all those with oily face or Acne prone skin i will advice against it.
  • The Shea butter smell takes much longer to clear from the skin

They are all nice products but as for the body butter it’s a huge No for me!

Asked if i can repurchase the soap once i run out of this, My answer will be maybe!

Have you used any Abebi Organic products? How was it on your skin, i will love to know.

Where To Buy Product: Whatsapp: 07010178529, Email:, Instagram: abebiorganics.

PS: Please this is not a sponsored post but my honest opinion of this brand.



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