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Hey guys! we are already at the end of July and i hope this month has been great to you because truth be told, it’s been amazing to me. Ok today we will be talking about the body scrub from Beautyproductsng  aside her Moroccan soap which i will also be doing a review on soon, this is one of the other thing she recommended i give a trial during my acne period early this year, please read my story Here

Beautyproductsng is an Nigerian brand Kaduna based company who are majorly focused on making organic skincare products, pure incense and perfume oils. I actually found them on Instagram late last year when someone mentioned them that she uses their skin products and truth is she has one of the flawless skin i have ever seen so i decided t follow them and become a monitoring spirit on their page lol.

Product Claim: 

  • It glows the skin (Everyone wants that one product  that does this)
  • for  smooth and supple  skin
  • It exfoliate the skin

Product Price: I got the scrub for N3800 (300g)


How to Use/ what you need:

  • The body Scrub
  • Warm water & a little container
  • Any oil of your choice

Using this scrub is very simple, all you need to do is dissolve 2 tablespoon of the body scrub with warm water in a container because the scrubs are in grainy forms, add any oil of your choice, for me i use one tablespoon of olive oil and few drops of honey to help keep my skin moisturized during the time of use. Apply the mixture all over your face and body as it can be used on both and allow to dry, scrub away with water and sponge, then watch your skin get that instant glow. It says on the label to use 2-3 times a week, but i use only once a week which is usually on Saturday nights.

Caution: I usually do this in the bathroom after which i sit in the bathtub and read or surf the the internet while waiting for it to dry because if you are not careful,  it will stain you silly.

Product Flaws:

  • It smells like overstayed palm kernel water so for those who can not stand this type of smell, please i have no other words for you other than, you might not like this type of body scrub.
  • It doesn’t have a list of the ingredients on the product label and being who i am? i love to know what i put in my body and also am sure listing the composition will also help us determine what gives that funny smell.
  • It is advisable to also wash off with soap properly to avoid having stain residual on your skin after use.

My Verdict:

  • I will definitely prefer a scrub with a nicer fragrance
  • The scrub absolutely does give the glow like the label claims and also helps with acne so it’s a win win for those with acne problem as long as you can stand the smell.
  • It does smoothen and leaves the skin supple as also indicated on the label.
  • Will i repurchase again? my answer will be YES because it does what it says, it leaves my skin feeling smooth like a baby bum.
  • I will give it a 3½ over 5 because of the stain and smell.
  • Their customer service is topnotch!!!! because I’m actually a sucker for good customer service and i know alot of Nigerian vendors needs training in this area.


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PS: Please oh this is not a sponsored post in any way! it’s my honest opinion about this product!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have you ever used any product from this brand? will you love to give them a trial? please leave me your thoughts in the comment section. 



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  • Hello, Her products are amazing!!!!! Customer service is 💯! I have been using her product for a year now…. used it while pregnant and I had zero pigmentation. I saw soooloo chuffed by her products that I bought ten tubes….and I keep recommending her.

    Proudly Nigerian!!!!

    • Hey TOD! Thank you for stopping by, yes her products are amazing and am sticking with her because my skin loves her products. Yes we must grow our economy together and am glad a lot of people out there are doing some amazing job. Thank you once again dear.

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