Protective Style: Corkscrew Threading

Hey Guy! So sorry i havent been regular lately but girl am so excited!! whoop! whoop!! whoop!!!
So i went to the market the other day and bumped into this beautiful lady, guess what caught my attention! her hairrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! Omg!!! Her hairstyle was something we see mostly among school children. But for a young pretty girl at that to make this type of hair, Mehnnn i just knew i was definitely going to give it a trial.
Lets say i have been natural for the past 2year and i know most people in the natural hair community uses the African threading as a means of stretching their hair to avoid the use of heat which can cause hair damage. But when i saw this lady’s hair i knew that will be my next hair style. My only challenge was that i didnt know the name of the hair 😆  but trust me and goggle (my best friend) i searched via African threading pictures until i found sample of what i was looking for! Yes!!!!! “Oya dab” 💃💃 i used 5 packs of Brazilian wool which is sold at #250 per pack to make mine.

Its called Corkscrew! Abeg this one na English name oh because i remember say back then as a child we (the igbos ) call it some gaps!!! Lol which is also pronounced as sungas (at least thats what i call it back then) 😂😂😂
Asked if i love my hair, hell yes!!!! 💃💃💃  i also got so many compliments even from strangers that’s when i knew i nailed it. Will i try this hair style again? Yes!!!!!  see pictures and tell me what you think.
Some random pictures i took at the office below.
What do you think of my hairstyle? Do you love it enough to give this hairstyle a trial? Let me know below.
Francis Addy

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