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Happy new month Guys!!! it’s another review! it’s actually my first review for the year so am super excited #dancing shaku shaku# So today i will be talking about my experience with the famous Ali Express yes you heard right Aliexpress!!!

I had this white shoe i ordered few years ago from a friend in London, after the shoe i arrived, i discovered that i had fallen in love the shoe because it was very comfortable and the heels were not too high (it was just 3inches high) so i asked her few weeks later if i could get the black same shoe, unfortunately she told me it was already sold out. I tried looking for the black of that shoe in Nigeria but couldn’t find it in any of the online malls. So  i had to tried Amazon and Ebay and found my shoe oh, yes i had to use the word “my” because it’s truly mine biko.  I noticed i couldn’t order and get the shoe shipped directly to Nigeria from either Amazon or Ebay without having a third party in either United Kingdom or United States.

Feeling frustrated that i couldn’t order without a third party, I had to look for an alternative and guess where i found same shoe? on Ali express!!!! Chaii i couldn’t contain my joy, even with the fact that i had read reviews on youtube and google on people’s bad experience while shopping from Ali Express especially the hashtag thing of getting something else while you ordered another thing, i was actually scared to order anything from them but my long throat will not let me be so i had to just close my eyes and order the shoe here

My Experience:

It took about 3 weeks for my shoe to arrive  after my payment was confirmed . My heart was doing me gbum gbum gbum while i  was praying that the shoe will come as expected because it will do me strong thing if it comes and it’s below my expectation plus N9,167  as at that time when dollar was crude oil in this country is not a small money. You can imagine how happy i was when the delivery guy from Nipost called me that he will be coming to deliver my package at the office that morning, Chaii i literally jumped with joy but being that i was on leave then, i asked him to leave the parcel at their office so i can come at my own leisure and pick it up.

On getting to Nipost, i was asked to pay N500 which i did before i could pick up. Immediately i was handed over the parcel, my dear friends and family, my heart skipped, this is because the shoe was feeling so small and in my head i started thinking so this is how my money just went down the drain? who asked me to order from Aliexpress? who even introduced me to that site? you need to see the type of questions going through my mind. Finally i unveiled my parcel and boom that’s my shoe looking so cute and beautiful.

When i tried the shoes on, i discovered that it was a little smaller in size but very beautiful and i loved it but i had to expand it a little bit f before i could wear them properly, in all it was a good buy.

FLAW: When buying anything from Aliexpress especially for shoes and cloths, please and please buy a size bigger, their sizes are usually smaller so order a bigger size.  My shoe size is 39 so when ordering next time, i will have to order for a size 40, that way am sure i will not have any issue with the item.

Freebies: The shoe also came with a set of free ear rings and an extra heel guard just in case the original heel guard  goes missing, Am sorry i forgot to take pictures of those.

Asked if i will like to order anything shoes from this site, like i said, anything shoes only, my answer will remain yes but as for cloths, am not quite sure because those are different items entirely and i don’t want to fall victim of the hashtag, what i ordered versus what i got. Because trust me i will definitely like to rocking whatever it is i ordered.


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PS: This is not a sponsored post, it’s my honest experience with Aliexpress.


Have you ever ordered anything from Aliexpress, what item did you order and what was your express like? please leave me a comment, lets gist. 


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