Shopping Experience X Bad Customer Service

I was on my own jejely in one of the check-out queue in a supermarket when I overheard this conversation between a customer and one of the cash attendant at the other queue.

Customer: So why didn’t you tell me in the first place!

Attendant: #withafunnylookonherface# ehh oga this is what is in my system (PC), I cannot change it or charge you less

Customer: I don’t understand you, that I saw N4,400 on the price tag and you charged me N4,500 why? without  considering telling me! and to worsen the case you even went as far as tearing off the price tag from the product without asking me first if the new price was ok with me!! Why are you people like this haba!

Attendant: Oga I have told you, the price tag is wrong, and what I saw on the system is N4,500!

Truth is while standing there listening to these conversation between the customer and the attendant, i was already processing inside my head what kind of response to give to this girl who thinks money grow on the trees and customers just stroll in, pluck them off the trees without any stress, that’s why she had the guts to remove the original price tag from an item, charge the client WITHOUT telling him!!! Hiah!!! who does that!!

I know what they were arguing about was just N100 and any one could as well just ignore it but then, i wasn’t happy with the way and manner in which the girl was handling the situation, she had on a terrible attitude and a bad tone, as in! i just couldn’t deal with that if i were to be in that man’s shoe! as if being polite and explaining to the customer that it was an error from them which will not repeat itself again will change her name or was a taboo.

I was boiling inside like hot yam but then what can i do? i couldn’t tell the cashier that her tone and body language was wrong because it’s rude and a bad habit to intrude into other people’s conversation and the worst is that they might even end up asking me who invited me into the discussion or if my name was written anywhere on that product lol. Then it occurred to me that we all have at one point or the other dealt with bad customer service in our day to day activities.

This reminded me of the day i bought Sharwama from a popular eatery sometime ago and my balance was meant to be N300, the waiter came to me and said “madam collect water from the fridge, i no get N100 to give you, na only N200 dey my hand” at first i was shocked at his audacity, then my brain did a reset on its own, lol.

That was when it dawned on me that this guy was serious to have walked up to me without an apology to ask me to take water from the refrigerator just because he does not have my complete balance. I swear i went berserk with anger like i should collect water right? who told him i was thirty in the first place? How did he know i didn’t have anything else planned out to do with that money except buy drinking water? that day ehhh since he lacked manners, i made sure the guy provided me with my complete balance even if it means looking for the N100 balance from somewhere outside the confinement of his office oh no time please.

I also made him understand that i will gladly let go of that money even if it means leaving it as tip for him but only if he was a little bit polite with his approach.

Can people ever learn how to be polite a little? Truth is being a customer service representative requires a lot of patience and tolerance, it  doesn’t mean we the customers should talk down on people just because they are serving us in public.

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I had rather have a great customer service from a seller, buy an expensive product or one that doesn’t work than buy good products with terrible customer service. But in all sincerity, we all want to buy good products with amazing customer service that way life is a lot easier and everyone is also happy both the seller and the buyer because it only means that the buyer might come back again.

What kind of customer service experience have you experienced? good or bad? leave a comment below, i will love to read your experiences.



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