Struggling with Acne, Journey to clearer skin, Part 1


I have come to realize in life that what works for Mr A might have a zero effect of working for Mr B, it also doesn’t mean it won’t work for Mr C. I came to this conclusion during my struggle trying to  clear hormonal acne. I struggled with acne for 7 years and being the type who doesn’t like make up, it became a problem for me, it gave me inferiority complex not because i wasn’t pretty enough but only because i went from one pretty chocolate skinned girl to madam oyigbo (very light skinned person) with black acne scare all over my face. I became self conscious wherever i go because i knew that the first point of attraction was definitely the acne scar all over my face and those yet to heal. Some people try as much as they can to hide their reactions but hey i already know so i try as much as possible not to let it bother me but it did affect my self esteem? Yes it did because my self esteem gradually  went down the drain without my knowledge.

I discovered the major cause was because i had PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), this is story for another day lol but did i give up with trying to clear these horrible acne? No i didn’t. So i started reading how to deal with this type of acne since PCOS can not be treated but rather managed besides who wants to live their life with fat bumps all over their faces? not me please! i was hell bent on getting my face cleared that i started researching and found out that i needed a diet change, So i changed a few things like the following.

Sugar: Sugar has a way of increasing body insulin thereby causing insulin spikes which increase the production of skin oils and contribute to the clogging of follicles, which can worsen skin complexion and cause the skin to break out but then am not a biologist so i doubt if i can explain the whole principle behind this but in all, fizzy drinks this includes our popular beverages like milo and milk oh, raw  sugar and food with high glycemic index (meaning foods that, once ingested, convert quickly into glucose) Example are rice, garri (cassava flour swallow) were a few things i removed from my diet and truth be told, i have said bye bye to wrinkled skin. These worked for me probably because i had PCOS as explained before.

Oily food: Like i said before am not a medical doctor or a biologist but truth is i had to let peanuts (groundnut) go because i really can’t tell if it’s a myth or my  mind set but for every time i take  lots of peanuts, i end up breaking out like crazy and for every time i eat any food with lots of oil, i break out too so i gave oily food a break to see how my body system will take it and like i said, i feel a lot better. Please bear in mind that everyone’s body reacts differently to different foods. If you’re breaking out there’s no need to immediately cut out completely what you think could be the cause, rather monitor your body and see how it reacts to these things. But, if you notice pimples cropping up when your diet is particularly dairy-heavy, try cutting back to see what happens. You may have slight allergies to certain foods that are causing your body to react internally. Or, opt for organic dairy and meat options, which have significantly less hormones.

Nov 2017

Face Towel: I got introduced to using face towels early this year when it became obvious that every products used on my face weren’t helping me in anyway, so when a friend of mine suggested i give it a trial, without thinking twice i bought a small face towel on my way from work that day, went straight to YouTube to be double sure what other people with same acne problem has to say about using towel on my face.  after much research, i decided to give it a trial and i can swear by it, i miraculously received the type of  APC change we are experiencing today in my country Nigeria lol. Maybe because  it helped to unclog my pores, take out even the tiniest bit of dirt on my face as well as help in circulation of blood.  At first i didn’t notice any changes until few months later when it occurred to me that i wasn’t breaking out as i used to so i started monitoring my face i truth be told, there has been tremendous changes with my face since i added face towel to my skin routine.  So for those with acne and sensitive skin, you can try this and see how it works for you instead of using your fingers alone to wash your face like i used to do. Also washing my face at night whether i had make up or not especially those days am too tired to have an entire bath helped.

Nov 2017

Water: Like they say, water has no enemy, so in my quest for a clearer skin, acne free face i started taking lots and lots of water without minding if i was dehydrated or not. I became a fish that my friends will ask me what it is with me and water but truth is i had a goal so i wasn’t bothered besides water is free so why worry. Was there result? yes! my skin is clearer and my face is a lot better thou the scares are healing gradually.

Acne is not something to deal with because it’s one problem that you can never tell what will work except you try and if asked if i spent money trying to recover my face from the claws of acne, i will say yes i did and am happy my face is better and resting from all the experiment it went through. In my next post i will be telling you the products i used and is still using that has helped me clear the scares as while as keep my face free from acne.


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Have you ever had to struggle with acne before? what did you do to clear them. please leave your comments below i will love to know.

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