Yay!!! It’s My First Blog Post!!

 Hello Everyone, Hmmm writing this blog post (my very first blog post) today no be beans oh… it actually took me a minimum of one month! I mean one whole month! Cheiii No be say I no sabi wetin to write lol but because I just wanted to be sure that taking the blogging route is my thing.

You wont believe that I looked at my Journal (yeah I had to buy a special journal for this) every day and night without knowing where to start from, how to start, or what to say. My friend Tosin kept asking me how far with the post and I kept replying “Ohh am on it” but then I remembered that before I go into anything, I like to do my own research and get 70 – 80% details before taking a dive. I started researching on the cons and pros of Personal blogging, it took me a long while to conclude on doing this because then I stumbled on Joshua Becker’s “15 Reasons I think you should start a blog” you can actually check it out on his blog  www.becomingminimalist.com/15-reasons-i-think-you-should-blog

Joshua’s post changed my preconception about blogging. It made me discover that blogging is a means of expressing myself, thoughts, how I feel about different things, a way of sharing my own life experiences and also getting to hear your own opinion too because this blog isn’t going to be just all about me, NO! its going to be a place where we ALL do things together. The truth is I have always wanted to own a personal blog where I can share general life experiences on everything that inspires me from Beauty and Fashion tips, to Health related issues, foodies (hmmmm how I love food and experimenting with different recipes… lol) Movies and every other topics that needs to be talked about.

I also want this blog to be an interactive place where we can all have fun, share jokes (am too playful o so expect more of that now and in the nearest future because I like being me) this place is not a lecture hall o biko! I may not know how to use all the big grammars in the world, but I know with all your help, it will be fun all the way. I have no credentials to be a writer or a blogger, but am excited doing this, Am scared too if truth be told but I know with your comments, questions, advice, suggestions, we will all get there.

It’s settled then because am here to stay, so stay tuned. I love you all…



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